On The Road With Brendan – Part Two

Part 2 of Nathan Lewis‘ little look at where Brendan takes his giant ego post-Liverpool, according to FM15

BrendanthumbSo, we left Brendan stewing away in February 2015, hiding himself away, shutting all the curtains and locking the door. One of two things is happening here: Either Brendan has watched buckets of football in preparation for a grand return, or he’s given up entirely. For the sake of the series, let’s hope the former. We pick up the story on March 1st

1st March: Now, you won’t be surprised to learn that our old pal Brendan is still unemployed. You may be more surprised to find out that Liverpool remain perilously close to relegation. Despite four games unbeaten since we last checked and a safe progression through the Europa League 1st knockout round, there is still significant doubt over the job security of Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool sit in 16th, and Brendan is, I imagine, feeling incredibly smug.

HE’S GOT A JOB! A JOB! Klopp gone, Ian Ayre walks cap in hand to Brendan’s apartment, and the messiah is back!! Sorry, just kidding, April fool’s. It is of course the 1st April, and the only job Rodgers is getting anytime soon involves packing carrier bags in the local supermarket. Klopp is in fact turning things round and Liverpool are in the nosebleed territory of 12th.

1st May: It’s that time of year where all the focus is on the end of season title run-in, and for Brendan, it’s no different. His Port Vale side are two games away from securing promotion to the Championship. Unfortunately it’s on his personal copy of Football Manager 2015. No job, and frankly this is getting silly.

1st June: So, it’s the big end-of-season wrap-up. If I’m honest, I had a vision of this being all about Brendan going abroad, perhaps a Sevilla or a Napoli, and storming into European contention. In reality, he hasn’t left his living room as far as I’m aware.

Outside of the Rodgers household, May has brought big changes. HEADS HAVE ROLLED. Benitez at Madrid? GONE. Nuno at Valencia? GONE. Pardew at Palace? GONE. Bilic? GONE! “What about Watford’s Quique Flores?”, I hear all three of you ask. He’s gone too. These would all be very acceptable jobs for Mr. Rodgers, no?

KloppMost importantly, the Jurgen Klopp experiment at Anfield is over. The excitable German took over with the club in 6th and via a brief dalliance with the relegation zone, guided them to a hugely embarrassing 11th. One quick P45 later, and Klopp is out.

So that’s a whole season done. I certainly thought we’d have some football to talk about by now, but it’s been enjoyable nonetheless. It’s important we take this opportunity for a summer break, regroup and come back revitalised. If, after a whole season and two in-depth pieces following a non-existent career, Brendan Rodgers ends up returning to Liverpool, I think we all agree it would be a bit silly. But there’s only one way to find out. See you on the other side.

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  1. Very funny! I wish Rodgers all the best! I just hope he goes abroad to manage as it wouldn’t be nice to loose to his said if he were to manage in the premier league!

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