Some thoughts on who to watch on Sunday


And so it begins. The Ajax challenge, season one, is underway. After some fierce Twitter lobbying, I make a few changes. Firstly, I begin training the squad in a second formation. Several people wrote to me about this, but then Nikos Overheul, who has forgotten more about football than I will probably ever know, messaged […]


Alex is back with another FM challenge…


Poignant moments to look out for at Euro 16 Any visitor to this site will know that our love of football stems not only from the statistics and strategies, but from the sheer emotion that comes from watching our sporting heroes overcome the odds to produce exceptional performances that truly make this ‘the beautiful game’. […]


It’s back! FM meets Moneyball – a new save…


It occurred to me that if Mark Selby wins tonight and Leicester City win the title, that the snooker World Champion and the Premier League title winners would hail from the same place. I wondered if it had happened before, and so I had a look. Joe Davis of Whitwell, near Bolsover, in Derbyshire, dominated […]


Ian Hamilton’s essay touched on not just Gazza, but on the changes that affected football in his era. Alex explains why it’s important.