Alex Stewart is the editor of Put Niels In Goal, a blog that takes a sideways look at football and the culture around it.

Alex is a freelance journalist and television presenter. He has written extensively about a variety of topics, especially policing and sport, for The Guardian, BBC Sport Website, The Blizzard, and digital experts LiveWire Sport, among others.

Sports writing

Alex writes a weekly column for uMAXit, ‘By The Numbers’, which uses data to explain Premier League football, and also co-produces weekly tactical videos for the site’s YouTube channel, explaining everything from Antonio Conte’s 3-4-3 to what exactly a regista is.

Alex is also one half of The Set Pieces’ FM17 Project, with Iain Macintosh, having already written extensively for the site about Football Manager. The series, sponsored by BetBright, sees the two managers facing off as Rangers and Celtic, and features live-streaming of games as well as written pieces. Alex has also appeared on the BBC Sport website as a Football Manager ‘expert’ giving transfer deadline day insight, and has written about the game elsewhere too.

Crime writing

A former serving officer in the Metropolitan Police Service, Alex also uses his insight and expertise on BBC1’s new series of Thief Trackers. Alex also writes opinion pieces based on his extensive police experience.

Alex has worked with several production companies in a consultancy capacity, advising on crime and policing for both drama and documentary.

“Alex’s intelligent writing style has the rare knack of entertaining, engaging and enlightening all at once. One of the few football writers whose work excites me” – Mark Godfrey, editor of The Football Pink

“Alex’s expertise was crucial in setting the tone for the programme and rooting it in reality” – Hamish Fergusson, series producer at Dragonfly Film and TV

For all enquiries, please contact Alex by email or via Twitter.




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  2. Hello there, embarrassed to say I have just discovered your work on deadline day 2015. Delighted to look over your football manager stuff. Just wanted to drop you a line as a fellow football manager enthusiast. Not sure as to what I can add or give you but I am heavily into the engine of football manager and play in a rather unorthodox style. I have been playing seriously since the Xbox 2002/3, I like your thoughts on playing by rules and I believe that I play in a similar style. It has led me to discover many mathematical (for want of a better word) anomalies in the real world. I am not a blogger or a journalist but i have studied maths and physics at university level. Also I prefer to play in goal and I’m a sucker for coincidence. Any how I’d love to chat/email whatever but I’m sure you’re a busy man. Plus I’m not sure you want to know what I know! Good luck with your seasons and look forward to hearing from you. Craig.

    1. afhstewart · · Reply

      Hi Craig, drop me an email on afhstewart(at)gmail.com

    2. Craig (and sorry for jumping in here) I am also looking for writers for my blog – http://www.chrisdarwen.com

      Have a look and see if it’s something you can contribute too 🙂


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