Niels and me.

Niels and me.

A blog about things to do with football. I won’t be writing too much about tactics, or what’s in the news, as there are already many people doing this far better than I could or would care to try to.

The ‘Niels’ of the title is Niels Bohr, celebrated physicist, less celebrated goalkeeper. I was able to visit Copenhagen and see a statue of the great man and watch his former team, AB of Gladsaxe, recently. A spiritual homecoming of sorts.

Find me on on Twitter and if you’re curious, Giles Metcalfe did a quick profile of me in real life here. Spoiler: my name isn’t Niels.

I was picked by 90 Second Football as one of the . There are loads of great people to follow and read in this article, so please give it a thorough perusal. A Football Report included one of my pieces in their Best Writing of 2013 survey.

I am available for commissioned work or to discuss writing for your site or publication.

You can reach me via Twitter or

Thank you.


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  2. Craig · · Reply→

    Hello there, embarrassed to say I have just discovered your work on deadline day 2015. Delighted to look over your football manager stuff. Just wanted to drop you a line as a fellow football manager enthusiast. Not sure as to what I can add or give you but I am heavily into the engine of football manager and play in a rather unorthodox style. I have been playing seriously since the Xbox 2002/3, I like your thoughts on playing by rules and I believe that I play in a similar style. It has led me to discover many mathematical (for want of a better word) anomalies in the real world. I am not a blogger or a journalist but i have studied maths and physics at university level. Also I prefer to play in goal and I’m a sucker for coincidence. Any how I’d love to chat/email whatever but I’m sure you’re a busy man. Plus I’m not sure you want to know what I know! Good luck with your seasons and look forward to hearing from you. Craig.

    1. afhstewart · · Reply→

      Hi Craig, drop me an email on

    2. Craig (and sorry for jumping in here) I am also looking for writers for my blog – http://www.chrisdarwen.com

      Have a look and see if it’s something you can contribute too


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