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Here at Put Niels In Goal, I am pleased to be able to host a variety of other writers. Here are a few things about them.

Neal Underwood:

Neal is a freelance financial journalist and Chelsea season ticket holder. He lives in the West Midlands, although was born and raised in Reading, with subsequent stints in Manchester and London. His favourite player is Gianfranco Zola. Neal writes about football “because I’m extremely passionate about it and it gives me a great deal of pleasure, win, lose or draw. It’s so much more than just a game. I love reading others’ diverse views on it and I hope others find my own thoughts entertaining”.

Neal has written for PNIG about goalkeeping eccentrics and football humour. You can follow him on Twitter .

Jonny Sharples:

Jonny  is a reluctant Newcastle United supporter living in north-west England, still having dreams of Laurent Robert and Nolberto Solano crossing balls into Alan Shearer. Jonny enjoys writing about strikers who didn’t score goals, defenders who did and the things that made him fall in love with football. He also once played tennis against Uwe Rösler.

Jonny has written about Emile Heskey, the unsung Massimo Bonini and six squads that moved him to love. You can follow Jonny on Twitter .

Charles Walmsley

Charles is in the final year of a degree in English Literature. His favourite writers include B.S. Johnson, Frank O’Hara and Jonathan Wilson. As a member of the Sky generation he chose to support Liverpool despite living in Hertfordshire and he writes about them at aeroplanesatbresica.wordpress.com.

Charles has written about the literary and journalistic writing of BS Johnson. You can follow Charles on Twitter .

Doug Starnes

Born in Scotland. Raised in Texas and Saudi Arabia. Polished in Argentina. Doug now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, loves cheese, beer, Fulham, Boca Juniors, and Indy Eleven. He runs, relives his glory days as a Sunday pub player, and is the proud father of an insane Australian Cattle Dog. He writes for Cottagers Confidential and composed this biography during a boozy dinner with his wife.

Doug has written a surreal rethink of the World Cup and you can follow him on Twitter .

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