On the Road with Brendan: A Journey

In a new series on PNIG, Nathan Lewis charts the possible future of former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers using FM15 – because obviously…

Football - Liverpool - Brendan Rodgers Press Conference - Anfield - 1/6/12 Brendan Rodgers poses after being announced as the new Liverpool manager Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Ed Sykes Livepic

Football – Liverpool – Brendan Rodgers Press Conference – Anfield – 1/6/12
Brendan Rodgers poses after being announced as the new Liverpool manager
Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Ed Sykes

On 4 October 2015, Brendan Rodgers was granted no more stays of execution by the Liverpool board following a 1-1 draw with Everton. Under a week later he has been replaced by talented German maverick Jurgen Klopp. As such, there have been numerous articles and videos simulating how the ex-Dortmund man will fare as Liverpool manager. This is not one of those simulations. Our attentions will be focussed on Brendan and life after Anfield. Where will he go? Who will he manage next? Let’s find out:

(A few notes first – Since FM16 is not yet out, this simulation will be run on an updated database on FM15, with Brendan Rodgers removed from Liverpool on October 4th 2014 to be replaced by Klopp. Unfortunately for Brendan he actually made a much better start than in real life – 6th after 6 games)

5th October: With no jobs available immediately after Brendan leaves Liverpool, he embarks on an enforced sabbatical. The largest club with a manager under pressure is West Brom. Stranger things have happened folks…

1st November: No job. Brendan passes the time by counting the days until Christmas (86, if you’re wondering) and regretting his decision to buy a Liverpool home kit with “RODGERS 1” on the back. Glamorous jobs at Carlisle, Doncaster and Perugia are all on offer, but somehow aren’t applied for or accepted. Even Chris Ramsay being sacked by Championship side Q.P.R can’t lure Brendan out of hiding. Or what about former club Swansea? Does he see a chance to pick up where he left off? Not so much. Pass-master Martin Jol takes that one. Meanwhile at Anfield, it’s very much slow and steady wins the race with Jurgen. 5th after 10 games.

1st December: Jobs have become available at Inter and Wolfsburg. Champions League football in Germany seems like a great place for Brendan to re-build his reputation. With the likes of Luiz Gustavo, Julian Draxler and Bas Dost around, Rodgers could really inspire this underperforming side. Nope, doesn’t fancy it. Roberto Mancini swaps Milan for Lower Saxony.

How about a spell in London with Spurs? Pochettino is gone, leaving a hole for a very talented manager to step into. Come on Brendan, go for it. Never mind, Carlo Ancelotti has that one.

BR225th December: Merry Christmas, Brendan! Brendan? You there, pal? December comes and goes with the following jobs opening up – Roma, Monaco, Newcastle, Stoke, Real Sociedad and Sunderland. All of which are, for various reasons, appealing to a manager looking to re-build his reputation. Does Brendan fancy it? Does he heck. Neighbours say they’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the Northern Irishman since he returned to his home back in October. He’s not even opening the door to carol singers. Dark, dark times. He does receive one solitary Christmas present however. Jurgen Klopp is having a rough old time up in Liverpool. The Reds sit in 12th over Christmas, despite an encouraging derby win. Rumours are that the Merseyside derby has kept good old Klopp in a job. Interesting, very interesting.

10th January: January is proving to be very, very interesting indeed. Firstly, the pressure is really starting to show at Anfield. A 3rd round FA Cup exit and a 3-1 defeat at Leicester leads to Steven Gerrard coming out in public support of the crazy German. Interesting that he didn’t show similar concern for Brendan.

Meanwhile, you’ll never guess who Birmingham have appointed. Go on, have a guess. You didn’t get it, did you? Zinedine Zidane. Zidane. Zinedine flipping Zidane. Anyway. Glenn Hoddle clambers out of managerial hibernation to take over at Newcastle. Unsurprisingly, there is no comment from the Rodgers household on the fate of his successor.

25th January: Big money signings! No, Brendan hasn’t taken either the Chesterfield or Blackpool jobs. Jurgen his risking his reputation of two big signings. Mateo Musacchio comes to challenge for (and surely walk in to) the centre-back positions, while Shakhtar’s Bernard should add some flair in attack. Pressure still very much on. 15th, if you were wondering. 15th. Come back Brendan, all is forgiven…

Onwards, in the hope that he finds a job for us to talk about…

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  1. Only Just noticed there was a part 1, I didnt see this last time. Really good read. When is part 3!? I want to know what happens.

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