Call for submissions

Hello friends of Put Niels In Goal.

If you are a writer who loves FM, please read the below, as it could apply to you and be an interesting opportunity.

PNIG is putting together a book on Football Manager. I am looking for short pitches, 150-200 words in length, for any FM-related topic.

Suggestions include FM saves, short fiction, FM and gender, FM and the psychology of immersive gaming, FM and scouting and/or data use, FM and mental health, the history of FM in football gaming, and anything else your fevered minds can come up with.

This will be paid, subject to approval, using a revenue share scheme similar to the one used by The Blizzard, among others.

 or DM me via Twitter (having followed) .

I look forward to hearing from you.

NB: all Patreon subscribers will receive a free PDF of this book when published, so there’s an incentive!

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