The Football Pink – issue 6

TFP Issue 6 - illustrated by Paine

TFP Issue 6 – illustrated by Paine

It’s that marvellous time once more. The stellar Mark Godfrey has assembled Issue 6 of The Football Pink bring you some of the better long-form football writing out there, from a range of different authors. Pieces include an interview with Toni Duggan, features on Celtic, Alizanza Lima, and Feyenoord, and my piece on football and comics, or graphic novels, or whatever you want to call them.

With a cover beautifully illustrated by , this issue of The Football Pink is a welcome addition to the smaller, self-published sports writing market.

Buy  here, or visit their website and/or .

Here is an except from my piece, courtesy of TFP:

‘This would be a good point to say that this piece could have gone one of three ways: I either focused wholly on Paul and what he said because he is energetic and fascinating, or I looked at comics and dusted the article with quotes from Paul to give it verve and currency and accuracy, or, what I have ended up trying to do, looked at how football has developed through the prism of Paul’s experiences of drawing Roy of the Rovers. Paul’s fascination with and love of football deserves more attention than I can therefore give it, but to hear him speak of the game is as uplifting as it is informative: “My father was a Spurs fan so we all became Spurs fans. My first match was Tottenham vs Everton in 1937. I was three — I couldn’t believe the game, the noise, Dixie Dean really caught my eye. I couldn’t forget him, it was the way he headed it, from the middle of the park right to wing. Dean scored twice. It was almost like a comic watching it. I knew all the terms in football. When Tottenham scored it shook the windows of the house, even more than the bombs during the war.” ‘

Thanks for reading — now go buy the magazine!

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