Football is a game of moments. Yes, there might be an overarching narrative to a season, imposed or genuine, and yes, every game has an ebb and flow, but each game is composed of fragments, instances in time that resonate after the 90 minutes have passed. Moments of skill, of tenacity, the reaction of the […]

Put Niels In Goal will shortly be publishing our first ebook and no prizes for guessing what it’s about

Part 2 (rapid, I know) of my efforts with Everton to exorcise Iain’s demons (or something)

It did for Iain, but can a season of Everton reduce Alex to rubble too? Let’s find out

The Football Pink is now in its 14th issue, and the website goes from strength to strength. PNIG spoke to Mark Godfrey, its creator and editor, about an enduring success story

Hello friends of Put Niels In Goal. If you are a writer who loves FM, please read the below, as it could apply to you and be an interesting opportunity. PNIG is putting together a book on Football Manager. I am looking for short pitches, 150-200 words in length, for any FM-related topic. Suggestions include […]

Is it? Is it? YES IT IS