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In conversation with This Fan Girl

First things first: women’s football shouldn’t be called women’s football. It’s just football. That semantic assertion in place, football belongs to everyone, and women are fans as much as they are players. Nonetheless, when images of female football fans are shown in the media, they tend to be of a certain sort, and much of […]

In Praise of The Football Pink

The Football Pink is now in its 14th issue, and the website goes from strength to strength. PNIG spoke to Mark Godfrey, its creator and editor, about an enduring success story

Gazza Agonistes

Ian Hamilton’s essay touched on not just Gazza, but on the changes that affected football in his era. Alex explains why it’s important.

Trevillion's Roy of the Rovers

Football and comics

With the publication of issue 10 of The Football Pink, here’s my piece from issue 6 on football, comics, and Paul Trevillion

The Football Pink – Issue 10 now available

It’s a new The Football Pink, and I’ve written about Matt Le Tissier

The Football Pink – Issue 8

A quick look at Issue 8 of The Football Pink, with an excerpt from my piece on Gazza.

A behind the scenes thing on my The Set Pieces series

There’s been a huge amount of interest in my new Football manager series for The Set Pieces. If you’ve not caught up with it, you can here under my author page. Essentially, I’ve revisited the Moneyball/Soccernomics theory of football management, and in doing so, taken lowly Bristol City from the lows of League 1 to […]