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Call for submissions

Hello friends of Put Niels In Goal. If you are a writer who loves FM, please read the below, as it could apply to you and be an interesting opportunity. PNIG is putting together a book on Football Manager. I am looking for short pitches, 150-200 words in length, for any FM-related topic. Suggestions include […]

Poignant moments to look out for at Euro 16

Poignant moments to look out for at Euro 16 Any visitor to this site will know that our love of football stems not only from the statistics and strategies, but from the sheer emotion that comes from watching our sporting heroes overcome the odds to produce exceptional performances that truly make this ‘the beautiful game’. […]

On The Road With Brendan – Part Two

Part Two of Nathan Lewis’ humorous take on Brendan’s post-LFC job hunt, using FM15

On the Road with Brendan: A Journey

A new FM15 series by guest writer Nathan Lewis

Hungry House competition!

A little competition from our friends at Hungry House

Searching the Stats

Chris Darwen takes a look at how stats can be used in FM

B-sides, Seasides and Freerides

Guest-writer and Finnish football guru Rich Nelson shares his thoughts on B-sides and the future of development in football.