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New FM Anthology to buy

The Men Who Stare At Goals: A Football Manager Anthology is now available via Amazon, as well as through our TicTail shop. Described by me as very good, and featuring Iain Macintosh, Joe Devine, Sam Kelly, and loads of other great writers, it’s a treat for FM fans, gaming fans, and football fans alike. Get it. […]

Great Books About Football

Here at Put Niels in Goal, we love a good football book. While the shelves of your local Waterstones might heave with shoddily written autobiographies, there has also been some genuinely insightful, intelligent stuff written about football. Here is a round up of some of the best football books on the market. It’s not exhaustive by […]

Review – Small Time: A Life in the Footballing Wilderness

A career spanning such heights as the Orlando Lions, Borehamwood F.C., and a trial at Brentford under Steve Perryman – it’s as much as career as it is the absurdly difficult question a pub quiz machine chucks at you to deny you a £20 win. It’s also goalkeeper Justin Bryant’s meandering journey through the ‘footballing […]

Book review: Beyond the Turnstiles

Football is a game of moments. Yes, there might be an overarching narrative to a season, imposed or genuine, and yes, every game has an ebb and flow, but each game is composed of fragments, instances in time that resonate after the 90 minutes have passed. Moments of skill, of tenacity, the reaction of the […]

In Praise of The Football Pink

The Football Pink is now in its 14th issue, and the website goes from strength to strength. PNIG spoke to Mark Godfrey, its creator and editor, about an enduring success story

Gazza Agonistes

Ian Hamilton’s essay touched on not just Gazza, but on the changes that affected football in his era. Alex explains why it’s important.

Together and alone: Camus’ football philosophy

The marriage of football and philosophy in the writing of Albert Camus