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The Men Who Stare At Goals: An FM Anthology – now available to buy!

You can now buy The Men Who Stare At Goals: An FM Anthology, from PNIG’s very own Tictail shop. Featuring some superbly talented writers like Chris Darwen, Joe Devine, Lee Scott, Dave Black, and Jonny Sharples, as well as an introduction from me and a foreword by Iain Macintosh, it’s a must-have for any FM fan. […]

Book review: Beyond the Turnstiles

Football is a game of moments. Yes, there might be an overarching narrative to a season, imposed or genuine, and yes, every game has an ebb and flow, but each game is composed of fragments, instances in time that resonate after the 90 minutes have passed. Moments of skill, of tenacity, the reaction of the […]

The Men Who Stare At Goals

Put Niels In Goal will shortly be publishing our first ebook and no prizes for guessing what it’s about