Monthly Archives: October 2015

On the Road with Brendan: A Journey

A new FM15 series by guest writer Nathan Lewis


Together and alone: Camus’ football philosophy

The marriage of football and philosophy in the writing of Albert Camus


Pantani: the triumph and the tragedy

Matt Rendell examines the life and death of one of cycling’s most charismatic competitors, Marco Pantani


Erbstein: football’s forgotten pioneer

Ernest Egri-Erbstein was a footballing innovator whose life was tragically cut short in the Superga air disaster, where he perished alongside the Grande Torino team he had built. Dominic Bliss’ new book examines this extraordinary man and his legacy

Levels of the Game - McPhee

Tennis and sports writing at its finest

Tennis brings the best out of sports writers – here are two of the finest examples

I Think Therefore I Play

Pirlo the magician: I Think Therefore I Play

Andrea Pirlo’s forthright autobiography is an engaging mix of eloquence and insight

Invincible by Amy Lawrence - the tale of Arsenal and the unbeaten season

Unbeaten Arsenal: Invincible

Amy Lawrence has written a tour-de-force on Arsenal’s triumphant, unbeaten season