Monthly Archives: April 2014

Fight Cup: a literal World Cup Part 4

Fight Cup continues, as Doug Starnes paints himself in a figurative corner with the Group of Death (for him, creatively and stuff, at least)…


Piermario Morosini for Football’s Fallen

A post from me on Football’s Fallen, paying tribute to Piermario Morosini on the anniversary of his death.

New Illustrated Game podcast

It’s back. With a song from the Pixies, including me humming some bass. Discussions of the Champions League, upcoming Premiership matches, racism, and the Ur-panda. Here’s the linkety link: link.

Fight Cup: a literal World Cup Part 3

It’s part 3 of Doug’s tour de farce, with added rip and certain quantities of roar – Fight Cup continues..!

Hanging Out With Manchester United

They may be messing it up on the pitch, but Manchester United are actually doing some things quite well. Read my new piece for Baylor S3 on the Red Devils and their innovative use of social platform Google+.

Fight Cup: a literal World Cup Part 2

It’s Part the Second of Doug’s surreal take on the World Cup, using the teams’ nicknames to decide who wins and how. Take cover. The Red Fury are coming for you.