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Football Manager meets Moneyball – a reply to FlipSix3

A response to a comment on my most recent FM article, one of many thought-provoking and considered responses I’ve been lucky enough to receive. Thanks FlipSix3!


Football Manager meets Moneyball – Season 3 (first half)

The odyssey continues, as PNIG brings you the next instalment of the Rangers FM14 save with a difference…

The Illustrated Game – I appear! In a non-visual way!

North London’s finest and funniest podcasters made the grave error of asking me to join in. Hear me discuss football, punching Busquets, and my love of Zlatan.

Book Reviews – Clough and tumble

Brian Clough was a divisive and fascinating man. Here, I take a look at two very different literary takes on his life and legacy.

The Football Pink, issue 3

Oh yes, oh yes. It’s that time again, except this time it is even better. A better time. A time of joy and excitement because Issue 3 of The Football Pink magazine is out. You can buy it for your Kindle here or you can go direct to the website to get one of a limited […]

We can see you sneaking out!

In this new piece on PNIG, Neal Underwood looks at the phenomenon of leaving the match early and asks if there is ever really an excuse…  Would you book tickets to go to the cinema, watch all but the last five minutes of a film, then walk out before the end not knowing how it finished? […]