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Stanley Rous: remembered, reassessed

In this thought-provoking piece, Charles Walmsley looks back at the myth of that most ‘English’ of sports administrators and asks how Stanley Rous contributed to the state that FIFA now finds itself in FIFA is one of the few acceptable targets of ridicule in Britain, part of that list constantly recycled by Radio 4 comedians […]

Writing football, writing history

In this article, I want to look reasonably briefly at the writing of football, largely as a point of departure for other articles I hope to write at some point. Writing about any facet of football is essentially constructing a history of football. This has inherent problems, and it is perhaps best to look at […]

The lost art of football humour

PNIG guest writer Neal Underwood considers the decline in being funny at football and laments the loss of lively interaction of rival fans that didn’t end in people being glassed. Banter has become a much maligned word. In the online world it has now become more or less synonymous with dishing out abuse, then hiding […]

The striker who didn’t need to score

In this new piece on PNIG, Jonny Sharples discusses the much-maligned Emile Heskey, who, it was said by one commentator, “couldn’t trap a sandbag”, and re-evaluates Heskey’s often crucial contribution to club and country “Some people like to criticise Emile, but I can produce plenty of facts and figures to back up how important he is […]

Football’s Fallen

A very quick post to draw your attention to a new project, curated by the brilliant Laura Jones. Football’s Fallen is a look at players who have died while playing the beautiful game. I have written one of the contributions. Their deaths, due to injury, illnesses, or acts of nature, never lose the power to […]

The magic of the cup comes to north Yorkshire’s ‘Hogwarts’

The importance of the FA’s various cup competitions cannot be over-stated for smaller clubs, even when some larger ones are sniffily suggesting it isn’t for them. In this piece, Richmond Town FC volunteer Simon Duffin looks at his Yorkshire team’s history and what a huge fixture against York City FC means… For a team like […]

‘The chances let slip!’ – the football writing of BS Johnson

Writing about football, whether in literature or print, presents various challenges. In a brilliant new piece, Charles Walmsley assesses the contributions to both forms of experimental novelist and critic BS Johnson I must have seen it forty times: Taking the ball past one, another, Stumbling, recovering, scoring Always I want the defeated full back to stop him […]