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Football Manager meets Moneyball – season 2 (1st half) with Rangers

You may or may not have read my first piece on season one of my Rangers save. If you haven’t, this will likely not make much sense. To break it down: I have taken the Moneyball-style rules formulated (and, crucially, sustained and argued with examples and data) by Kuper and Szymanski in Soccernomics and applied […]

Akademisk Boldklub vs Brønsøj – a visit, a match, and a conversation

This blog is named after a Danish physicist, Nobel laureate, and erstwhile goalkeeper Niels Bohr. Bohr won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1922 for pioneering work on atomic structure, positing that atoms orbiting a nucleus had discrete energetic properties and could jump between orbits. He was also a footballer, though less successful than his […]

Football Manager meets Moneyball – season 1 with Rangers

The new release of the latest installment of the Football Manager franchise has seen a commensurate flurry of pieces about this, to me, hugely gripping and enjoyable game. Now I am not going to turn this blog into one devoted to the game: for one, I think it’s quite dull to blog purely on one […]

Twelve ways to be better

I’ve written a post over at Medium, which you can read here. It’s a recasting of Michael Sorkin‘s ‘Advice to Critics’, which is a wonderfully perceptive, sometimes caustic series of thoughts and, indeed, instructions to architecture critics. Sorkin is a voice worth heeding and I have tried to capture some of his vigour and insight […]

The Football Pink – issue #1

In light of the link to issue #2 of The Football Pink’s magazine, I’d also like to take the opportunity to remind you that before that, we released another back in the fading light of summer. You can find the link here. In that issue, I wrote about Albert Camus, goalkeeper and existentialist, whose writing […]

The Football Pink – Issue #2

The Football Pink has today launched its second edition. I have a piece right at the beginning which picks up on themes I discussed in my Too Much, Too Loud? piece. What is the state of football journalism in the UK? Is it as rosy as is imagined, and if not, why does such a […]