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Hipster teams – who, how, and why

There have been a number of recent discussions, and, indeed, jokes at my expense, between a couple of bloggers (you know how you are) and me about hipster teams. The usual names have come up, especially Borussia Dortmund. This got me thinking: what makes a team ‘hipster’? And why does the epithet have any currency? […]

Talking about soccer – too much, too loud?

This was first published on @Medium earlier today. I realise that a lot of my blog followers do not follow me on Twitter, so I am reposting it here. Apologies if you have therefore seen it again. Talking about soccer – too much, too loud? In one of his typically witty polemics, Umberto Eco writes, […]

Tadeusz Różewicz – football and the poetry of silence

Tadeusz Różewicz is a Polish poet and playwright, one of the generation who grew up through the second World War, suffered its horrors and lived on to speak about them, to configure, or attempt to configure a poetry after the Holocaust. A crucial challenge for such poets, and for Różewicz in particular because he lost […]