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Medel/model – a quick look at analytics and football

This post was prompted by a really interesting conversation (I thought, anyway) between Simon Gleave of the ScoreBoardJournalism blog, Greg Theoharis of Dispatches from a Football Sofa blog, and me, in response to an article posted on DFAFS about numbers and football. Stimulating as it was, I mulled over what I thought were great points […]

Pirlo: the art of (the) Fantasista

From the gallery wall, Andrea Pirlo looks at us with an expression of granite seriousness. His eyebrows are arched in concentrated intensity, eyes narrowed with focus, mouth set rigid and unsmiling. In Stanley Chow’s 2012 portrait Pirlo, which I first saw at the Fantasista exhibition, curated by Hotspur & Argyle in the Cello Room in […]

The Football Pink

Just a quick one to let you know that the first edition of The Football Pink as a downloadable Kindle thing is now available here. It’s full of fine writing and, modesty topos not withstanding, me. My article is on Albert Camus, football, philosophy, and why you shouldn’t wear out your studs. So have a look […]