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Vladimir Nabokov in 1919

The wandering attention of Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov was a goalkeeper. We know this from his memoirs and his other writing, notably his 1920 poem ‘Football’, which he enlarged upon in his longer effort from 1927, A University Poem. He first got between the sticks at the Tenishev or Tenishevsky School in St. Petersburg, from where another poet who wrote about […]

Nabokov, Joyce, and, probably not, Antal Szabó

In one of those articles that academics love to write about a minute, previously unnoticed literary discovery, Michael Begnal delights in an anecdote about Nabokov, James Joyce, and the Hungarian national football team (so much so, in fact, that despite the anecdote comprising a small element of the piece, the whole article is named after […]