The team. In a manner of speaking, anyway. Image from Marvel.

A new Football Manager challenge sees an unlikely alliance of gaming and superheroes. Well, not that unlikely, but in this context it’s unusual.

The Football Pink

The Football Pink issue 7 – a must-read for those prepared to look beyond the obvious for quality sports writing

Penguins are lovely

A quick round-up of other things I’ve been up to away from PNIG

The Hipster Barista does not approve.

Happy New Year – it’s already started with a bang!

AC Milan score in pre-season.

We all love a challenge, right? Here are six FM15 saves that don’t require an absurdly detailed knowledge of lower leagues and should be quick and easy to get into, but devilishly hard to complete.

Scoring, Nantes FC style.

It’s here. It landed on my Steam (metaphorical) doorstep a fortnight ago and I plunged straight in, ripping open the (metaphorical) envelope and burrowing straight into the contents with glee. There is much to like about this new version, even as a few kinks and oddities are being ironed out. The darker skin is engaging […]

TFP Issue 6 - illustrated by Paine

A new issue of the Football Pink carries a host of fascinating material and my piece on football and comics.


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