A young Colombian fan in N15

A quick look back at a thunderbastard of a tournament

Who says the weather's shit in Scotland?

The saga continues: Football Manager meets Moneyball, season 3 the second half.

This is, surely, the most hipster football photo ever. By Jennifer.

A self-indulgent round up and a lot of thanks…

Charlotte Turner

A new exhibition in Camden is looking at football and art in the run-up to the World Cup. PNIG caught up with some of the artists…


Your chance to win some Hungry House takeaway vouchers and a massive TV for putting silly words to a silly picture

The 2012 World Cup in data and puns.

On A Six Pence produce beautiful, unusual graphical representations of teams and tournaments

Another wall of art.

A link to The Illustrated Game’s season finale podcast and some lovely photos of their Pick Me Up exhibition.


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