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Great football club names – part 2

When I published the first part of this, I did not intend it to become a double-header, but such was the response and the flurry of further suggestions that I figured I should take some of them and create a second list, based on your suggestions. So here is Great Football Club Names, part 2, […]

It’s a squad thing – part 2

In the second of two posts, Jonny Sharples reminisces about his three favourite squads of all time, who brought unity, glamour, and entertainment to football. If you’ve not read Part 1, do so first… 3. Real Madrid, 2003/2004 Muzzy Izzet, Steve Guppy, Neil Lennon, Emile Heskey and Tony Cottee are one thing but Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, David […]

Great football club names

The world of football is blessed with some glorious names. Having stumbled across the Mysterious Dwarfs of Ghana and the Liberian International Shipping & Corporate Registry FC of, well, Liberia, I thought I’d dig a little deeper. Thanks are also due to Nikos Overheul who suggested a couple of entries. I’ve avoided the overtly comedic, […]

It’s a squad thing – Part 1

In the first of two posts, Jonny Sharples picks his favourite squads, from the nearly men to the gloriously overachieving.  Managers are often heard discussing the importance of having a squad: the depth of it, the balance of it, the blend of it. If you get the right mix of players and you could challenge […]

Massimo Bonini – watercarrier to the stars

Guest post: Jonny Sharples takes a look back at an unsung hero in an unsung position, the great Massimo Bonini of Juventus’ brilliant side of the 1980s.

The Top 50 Players in the World – BackPageFootball

I’ve written a little something, and it is little, for BPF’s Top 50 players, of which 50-41 have been published here. Thanks to the guy at BPF and hope you enjoy the whole of the series. I’ll be writing up someone else soon and I’ll post a link as and when…

Haringey Borough FC vs Greenhouse – a visit, a match, and a conversation

I’ve been living in the London Borough of Haringey for over four years now. Though I’ve been writing about football for only the last few months, my interest in and passion for the game has obviously been around for a lot longer. It is, therefore, with something bordering shame that I have to admit that […]